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How do I reset/unlock my VSS password?

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Last updated: 07 Dec, 2021

How do I reset/unlock my VSS password?

There are multiple locations with links to reset your password for the VUE Testing System.    The same password is used for Admissions Manager, Registration Manager, Delivery Manager, the VSS website and the Connect portal.    All links lead to the same location on the Connect portal,   The test center manager for your site can also unlock accounts with the password locked for other test administrators at the site.  

Connect Portal

  1. Go to the Pearson VUE Connect portal at
  2. Click on I forgot my password or username
  3. Follow the steps to reset/retrieve your username or password

Site Manager to unlock other test administrator accounts at your site

 Test Center Manager log into Site Manager via Connect and perform the following steps

  1. Click the Personnel link at the top and then select the Users tab immediately underneath.
  2. Select the user in the left-hand pane, and then select the Account tab on the right.
  3. Click the Reset Password button, and then respond to the security question prompts.

Call the VSS Helpdesk

(As call volume dictates response time, we strongly recommend using one of the other password reset methods to avoid potential wait times)

Please reference to find the telephone for Technical Support.

Link to VUE technical support phone numbers                                               Return to top of document

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Article ID: 4
Last updated: 07 Dec, 2021
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