Remote Maintenance Agent (RMA) is not Running

Remote Maintenance Agent (RMA) is not Running

The most common cause for an RMA not to run after initiating it on the Admin machine is the VUE Applications Wrapper Service is not running.  This can be easily resolved with the following steps.

Restarting the VUE Application Wrapper Service:

  1. Launch the Services Desktop app located on the appropriate computer. For Windows 10 OS this can be done by clicking the Windows start menu button at the lower left of the screen and typing in the word Services.

  1. In the Services window, locate the VUE Application Wrapper in the list of services on the computer.

  1. Click on the option to Restart the service, once completed attempt to log in to Admissions Manager again.  If you continue to have issues, please contact the VUE technical support team.

If you do not see the VUE Application Wrapper service in the list, repeat these same steps on the server used for your Pearson VUE software installation.  

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