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Last updated: 22 Jan, 2021

When launching Delivery Manager this error arises because the computer Delivery Manger is installed on cannot get access to the VUE share on the admin/server computer.

This particular problem is a local Network/Windows issue and NOT an issue with the Pearson Testing System software.  

To verify; open File Explorer and go to path \\admin_server_hostname\vue\  If sharing is configured properly you will see the VUE Testing System folder.

To see our network requirements, refer to the Quick Install guide and linked Technical Requirements document.

Common Causes:

1. Sharing Permissions not set correctly on the the share

2. Delivery Computer is not on the the same network/subnet as the admin/server.

3. Network cable not connected/loose.

4. Host name of admin/server has changed.

5.  Group policy settings have disallowed sharing between computers.

To resolve the issue:

1.  Make sure the Pearson VUE folder is shared to the appropriate Users and Groups

2.  Make sure the Security settings are set correctly in the security tab by adding the appropriate Users and Groups

3.  Make sure Security inheritance is Enabled.  

4.  Make sure both computers are on the same network and subnet.

Pearson Site Tech support can help IT with questions regarding the correct settings, but the site's IT department may be the only people that are able resolve the issue.

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Article ID: 19
Last updated: 22 Jan, 2021
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